Dan Hynes supports a limited government and believes that high taxes and out of control spending lead to a bad economy and lack of jobs.

Dan Hynes opposes both an income tax and a sales tax, and Dan supports a constitutional amendment banning both of those things.

Dan also supports reducing the business profits tax (BPT) and business enterprise tax (BET). As a small business owner, Dan understands how government regulations can limit the hiring of employees, and lead to a business not being able to generate enough profit to succeed. New Hampshire has a high business tax (over 9% when combining the BET & BFT). This high tax prevents companies from moving to New Hampshire when they can operate in other States that are more business friendly. This loss of potential business costs New Hampshire millions of dollars a year, as well as the loss of many potential jobs.

Anyone who is a sole proprietor knows the BPT is basically an income tax. Having to give up close to 10% of overall profits every year can mean the difference between remaining in business, and going out of business. While the government needs money to operate and provide essential services, Dan supports increased revenues through sources other than an income tax, as well as responsible spending.