Property Taxes

I think everyone can agree. Property taxes are too high. Unfortunately, some people propose lowering it by implementing a sales or income tax. It does not benefit New Hampshire to take from one hand go give to another.

If elected to the senate, I will propose bills that lower our property tax without implementing a broad-based tax.

One option is to lower the statewide property tax assessment. Rather than taking this money away from education, the state can still fund it through the general fund.

Another option is to look at additional sources of revenue. I support the legalization and taxation of marijuana. This would add millions of revenue to the State each year. My bill would mandate that 100% of that revenue go toward property tax relief.

Many people who lived in their homes for their entire life are forced to move or downsize because they can not afford the taxes. I would support allowing municipalities to tax people less if they have lived in their home for a certain amount of time. People who lived somewhere for 20 years have paid their fair share toward education. They deserve some tax relief.