Smaller Government

Dan Hynes believes a smaller government is a better government.


Fiscal Responsibility

Dan believes in fiscal responsibility. In order to keep taxes low we need to avoid wasteful spending. Irresponsible spending leads to higher taxes and hurt the economy and tax-payers.


Reduce the Business Profits Tax to Improve Jobs and the Economy

The business profits tax is among the highest taxes in the country for businesses. It prevents businesses from hiring more employees and paying those employees higher wages. Dan supports lowering the BPT.


Lessen Government Business Regulations

Government regulations raise the cost of doing business. Some regulations are important safety concerns, while others just put up red-tape and even prevent businesses from opening.


No Nanny State Regulations

We must be proud to live in the "live free or die" state. Dan opposes nanny state regulations where the government tries to run your life for you. Dan opposes mandatory seat-belt & helmet laws, and other big government regulations.