Civil Liberties

Dan Hynes is a strong advocate for Civil liberties and personal freedoms. For many decisions, there are two options: either you can make the choice for what is best for you, or the government can make the choice for you. Dan Hynes believes the choice should be up to you (as long as it does not harm others.) As a conservative, Dan Hynes supports a limited government that will not control how people pursue a happy life. Dan Hynes supports a government that stands up for equality and fairness, and protects people from injustices. As an Attorney Dan Hynes has fought hard for these principles.


1st Amendment

Dan Hynes supports ALL parts of the first amendment.

Supporting free speech, Dan Hynes opposes any type of "free speech zone" or other similar limitation. As far as Dan is concerned, the entire United States of America is a free speech zone. Dan opposes government censorship.

Dan supports religious freedom, including the separation of church and State.

Dan supports the rights of the press. Dan supports people's right to record conversations that they have. Dan opposes having to notify police officers that they are being recorded while they are on-duty. Dan expects the police to uphold the law and allow themselves to be recorded to ensure they act professionally.

Right to seek redress of grievances: Dan supports the petitioning of the government (courts and legislature) and the right to file a lawsuit when you are harmed. As an Attorney, Dan has seen the harm that budget cuts on the court system have caused New Hampshire citizens. Courts have closed, judicial spots remain vacant,  and other cutbacks grossly delay the right to a trial. If you are harmed by someone and you need to file a civil lawsuit, you can often expect to wait years before you get your right to a jury trial. That is simply unacceptable! People need relief now in order to get on with their life; both emotionally and financially. Justice delayed is justice denied. Dan supports increasing the penalty assessment on fines in order to better fund the judiciary, as well as passing the costs on to defendants when a plaintiff is successful.


2nd Amendment & Gun rights

Dan Hynes is a proud gun owner, member of the NRA, and advocate for second amendment rights.

Dan has testified at the legislature opposing laws that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms and to defend yourself. Dan Hynes opposes gun regulations, including so called assault-weapon bans, gun registries, and other misguided ideas certain gun hating groups come up with in order to take away our rights.


Right to Privacy

Dan opposes government spying.

We need to keep the government out of our bedrooms, and out of our house!


Right to be free from unlawful search and seizures

As a constitutional lawyer, Dan defends the 4th amendment on a daily basis. Dan opposes unconstitutional warrentless searches.


No seat-belt law or helmet law or other nanny state regulationsDan Hynes motorcycle

We reside in the "live free or die" state. We need to keep it that way! New Hampshire is the only state in the country that does not have a mandatory seat-belt law. That is one of the many reasons that makes New Hampshire the best state in the country. If people want to wear a seat-belt, they are free to make that choice. Forcing everyone to wear a seat-belt is just as bad as preventing anyone from wearing one.

Dan opposes mandatory helmet laws. As a motorcycle rider, Dan believes it is up to the rider to decide how they want to ride.

Dan opposes other nanny state regulations. The government should not be able to tell you what is best for you and your body. It belongs to you, not them!


Drug Reform

Dan Hynes wants to win the war on drugs by ending the war on drugs. Marijuana laws must be reformed. The government is missing out of millions of dollars of revenue every year that can be used to support priorities like education. Besides missing out on revenue, the State wastes money keeping people locked up in jail for personal possession, and use, medical or not, of marijuana. With limited resources, and prison overcrowding, jails are forced to release real criminals to make room for drug offenders. Additionally, prosecutors are forced to plea down many violent cases because there are not enough resources to prosecute them due to a high burden drug cases impose on the criminal justice system.