Dan believes a fiscal government combined with qualified workers will lead to the best job environment for New Hampshire.

As a small business owner, Dan knows what it takes to create jobs. Unfortunately, too many government regulations, and high taxes, get in the way of businesses creating more quality jobs. Dan Hynes supports lowering the Business profits tax and limiting government regulations to spur job growth and income.

Dan Hynes supports grants/tuition reimbursement (to be paid for through lottery/gambling profits) for students who attend public universities in New Hampshire and who continue to work in New Hampshire after graduating. We need to keep the best students in New Hampshire to fulfill the best jobs!

Dan Hynes supports unemployment reform. Unemployment is supposed to be a safety net for people who get fired through no fault of their own. Too many people abuse the system and cost the tax payers and businesses millions of dollars. Dan Hynes supports requiring able bodied people (and those who would not otherwise have a financial hardship) who collect unemployment to work part time, volunteer part time, or be working toward an education/job training in order to continue to receive unemployment benefits. This will act as an incentive to get people back to work sooner, be more qualified, and/or provide people with income as they pursue a full-time job/career.


Right to Work - Dan Hynes supports right to work laws (RTW) and has answered yes on all questions on the New England Citizens Right to Work 2014 candidate survey.