Better Education for a Better Future

Education is a priority for Dan Hynes to build a better future providing our children with the best opportunities possible.

Dan Hynes was fortunate enough to grow up with a family who emphasized that hard work in school would pay off later in life. Dan's mother worked as a Catholic school kindergarten teacher for over 20 years. Dan's father taught classes in High School after retiring from a lifetime of working for the federal government.

Dan understands that everyone's situation is different. The local school district can have a huge impact on the quality of education our children are afforded. Dan supports choices for schools to offer the best education they can with the resources they are provided, as well as the rights of parents and students to choose the best education to fit their needs. Whether that is a public school, private school, magnet/charter school, home-schooling, or an alternative education, people deserve the right to choose what will work best for them.

Dan Hynes opposes Common Core!

Common Core, while having good intentions of providing a better education, is poorly implemented. Dan Hynes opposes federal mandates. Schools should be able to meet their needs without the federal government dictating exactly what the curriculum entails, and what can and can't be offered. Dan supports teachers to work with their students in a way that will offer the best education and not be locked in to what the federal government thinks is best.

Dan Hynes has been ranked A+ by the New Hampshire Families for Education -