A Better Economy for a Better Future

I am a businessman. Not a politician. I believe the success of the economy and job creation is a combination of three things: Low Taxes, Quality Education, and fiscal/conservative government spending.

Dan Hynes opposes an income tax and sales tax. Dan Hynes supports lowering and reforming the business profits tax. Dan believes that if businesses are not forced to pay huge amounts of money to the government through taxes that the free market will guide the extra income to be passed on to employees through higher wages. Additionally, more money for businesses will lead to more jobs and encourage more people to start their own business. New Hampshire must compete with other states to get more businesses to move here. New Hampshire has a lot to offer. Burdening business taxes prevent businesses from doing opening up in New Hampshire. Dan opposes government regulations that increase the cost of doing business in New Hampshire.

Dan Hynes supports a better education through more choices for schools, teachers, parents, and students. Dan opposes bad government restrictions mandated through Common Core.

Dan supports smarter spending on education through technology. Although technology has made things cheaper and more efficient over the years, education costsĀ  somehow continue to skyrocket (both at the primary and secondary level).