Dan Hynes for County Attorney Hillsborough NH:
Honesty, Integrity, and Justice for ALL

We need to put the Justice back into Criminal Justice. I have the experience and vision to do that.

I graduated with a B.A. in Criminal Justice and Sociology.

As an Attorney, over the last decade, I have defended the constitution, including numerous appeals with the N.H. Supreme Court.  I have seen our Criminal Justice system at work. I know what works, what doesn’t, and what can be improved.

As a State Representative, I was honored to serve on Judiciary. There, I sponsored bills and supported legislation advocating for criminal justice reform. That includes helping our veterans with a Veteran’s Court,  addressing the Opioid Epidemic, and strengthening animal cruelty laws.

Dan Hynes is pro-life and voted for the fetal homicide bill. Our criminal justice system needs to protect everyone, especially the vulnerable who are unable to protect themselves.

Dan Hynes is running to help ensure “Justice for ALL”. Often overlooked in the criminal justice process is how we address victims. Under present state law, victims have some rights when the defendant is charged with a felony. Hynes supports expanding these rights to misdemeanor cases. Some of those rights would include the right to be heard, being notified of all court proceedings, and notification prior to convicted criminals being released from jail.

As County Attorney, my priority would be to allocate resources to help prevent people from committing further crimes, while ensuring victims are also served justice.

If you would like to help Dan Hynes get elected, put up a yard sign, offer  public support, or if you are willing to host an event at your house with friends and neighbors, please email Dan@Hynes4nh.com, or call me at (603) 583-4442.