Dan Hynes for State Representative:
"New Ideas for New Hampshire"

Dan Hynes is running for State Representative in District 21 which covers Merrimack. Please vote for Dan in the Republican Primary on  Sept. 13

  • Economy
  • Education
  • Smaller Gov.


Dan Hynes believes the government can create jobs, and stimulate the economy, by limiting business regulations. The state has a duty to help promote job growth, not get in the way!


Dan Hynes opposes both an income tax and sales tax. Dan Hynes supports lowering the business profits tax to support growth and job creation. Smarter spending is better than excessive spending!.

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No Common Core

Dan Hynes opposes Common Core because it restricts local districts and teachers with forced, harmful regulations. Dan Hynes supports the choices of teachers, parents, and students to obtain the best education possible for their individual situation and needs.

Dan Hynes supports smarter policies including using technology to lower costs while providing superior education.

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A smaller government is a better Government

Dan Hynes believes the government can help everyone with smarter, limited spending, while providing the best possible opportunities to allow people to pursue their own happiness. Dan Hynes opposes many government regulations that force people to do things against their will, or that prevents them from doing things that bring them happiness as long as it does not harm other people. Dan Hynes supports the natural rights of everyone to be treated fairly and equally.

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  • About Dan Hynes +

    Dan Hynes supports smaller government while protecting individual freedoms.
  • Small Business Owner +

    Dan understands what it takes to run a successful business and create jobs. Dan opposes high taxes that burden business and hurt the economy.
  • Political Activist +

    From door to door canvassing, to testifying in front of the legislature, Dan works hard to support a better government.
  • Constitutional Lawyer +

    As a criminal defense attorney, Dan tirelessly enforces the Constitution ensuring people get the justice they deserve.
  • Civil Liberty Advocate +

    Dan supports, volunteers with, and/or is a member of numerous organizations promoting civil liberties including the NRA, ACLU, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, as well as the Institute for Justice.
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